The Superfood You Never Knew You Needed: BANANAS!!

The Superfood You Never Knew You Needed: BANANAS!!

At B.T.R NATION, we’re committed to fueling each of our products with functional ingredients that are guaranteed to make your body and mind feel great. That’s why bananas, the ultimate superfood, are the star of our new NOURISH bar! So what exactly are the benefits of bananas? Why a banana nut bar?

As a matter of fact, there are a ton of benefits of bananas! Not only are they HIGH in potassium & fiber, BUT they also boost serotonin levels (I mean who DOESN’T love a natural mood-booster?) But what does this mean? Why are all these vitamins & minerals in bananas good for you? We have the answers…so keep reading to discover the hidden benefits of this popular fruit! 

1. Bananas are HIGH in potassium!

Have you ever heard someone tell you to eat a banana after you work out? If so, that’s because the high levels of potassium found in this superfruit help with muscle recovery AND reduce inflammation. But that’s not all… Potassium also supports proper nerve function (which is crucial to maintaining a regular heartbeat) AND works with our kidneys to stabilize fluid levels in our cells. 

Given how vital potassium is for a properly functioning body, it’s mind blowing that 98% of adults in America are deficient in this mineral (according to a 2013 study). That’s why we’re bringing bananas, one of the most potassium rich foods on the PLANET, to the table. 

With nearly 400 mg potassium in each medium-sized fruit, consuming one banana fulfills 10% of the daily recommended amount for an adult. And since our newest Banana Nut NOURISH bar contains REAL bananas (and NO “natural flavors”), you are fueling your body with this crucial mineral with every bite.

2. Bananas are HIGH in dietary fiber! 

Dietary fiber has LOADS of benefits…It helps maintain steady blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol, and promotes regular bowel movements 💩. Plus, regularly consuming the recommended amount of dietary fiber has been proven to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease & cancer. So how can we help the 95% of Americans who don’t meet their daily recommendation for dietary fiber (according to a frequently cited 2017 study)? 


Each and every one of these tasty and readily accessible fruits contains 10-15% of your daily recommended fiber intake. In their unripe form, they are loaded with a type of dietary fiber called resistant starch (a prebiotic that supports healthy gut bacteria). In their ripe form, they are high in pectin (a water-soluble fiber which softens stools and prevents constipation).

In our newest Banana Nut NOURISH bar we have utilized fiber rich bananas (along with fiber full foods such as almonds, chicory root fiber and cashew butter) to create a bar with 9g of dietary fiber and just 140 calories! We’re making it easier and easier for you to meet your daily fiber intake. 

3. Bananas BOOST serotonin levels! 

Serotonin, which has been coined the “feel-good” or “happy” hormone, is a chemical stabilizer that has substantial positive effects on emotional well being. It has been proven to regulate anxiety, happiness, and mood, as well as improve sleep quality and increase attention span & focus. While it's impossible to control the amount of serotonin naturally produced by our bodies, we CAN boost our serotonin levels through our diet. 

Calling on (you guessed it) BANANAS, the “serotonin superfood.” This fruit is not only high in tryptophan, a crucial amino acid in serotonin synthesis (that can’t be produced by our body), but it is loaded with the “super stabilizer” Vitamin B6. This vitamin creates emotion regulating neurotransmitters, which reduce mood fluctuations. 

So, yes, it is TRUE that eating bananas may make you happier :) 

There you have it! Bananas are the superfood you never knew you needed. If all these incredible benefits don’t win you over, you’ll be glad to know that bananas are absolutely delicious! On their own, in a smoothie, or in baked goods. Want an even easier way to get your bananas in? Our Banana Nut NOURISH bar hits the spot and is guaranteed to take you back to your grandma’s freshly baked banana bread! 

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