5 Tips & Tricks to Find Your ZEN

5 Tips & Tricks to Find Your ZEN

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There's A LOT going on in the world right now. I feel like that's the story of 2020. That's why I've compiled 5 of my favorite tips & tricks for us all to chill out, stay calm, and find our ZEN together:

  1. MOVE. When feeling any kind of stress, one of the best ways to relax is to move through the stress. This can be as simple as going for a walk (before it gets dark out because #daylightsavings), or dancing around your house to your favorite "get psyched" song. Just make sure to do something to get your muscles AND your brain moving. Get the blood flowing & stay hydrated! 


  1. HUG a puppy/kitten. Did you know that a study was recently conducted (2020) in Psychology Today that shows looking at photos of dogs online increased a human's sense of well-being? Well-being measures how happy, safe, calm, content, in-control, and grateful you are. The premise here is to do something that makes you smile! It could be scrolling through puppy pics or baby videos. But identify what makes you happy and brings you joy in times of stress. And do more of it. 


  1. ORGANIZE anything. Your office, your junk drawer, your pantry. We've all heard of stress cleaning. And it's a thing. It's not just something Monica did on the all-time favorite sitcom, FRIENDS. Clutter and messes in your physical space can be a visual representation of your mind, which can make you feel mentally cluttered. Our bodies crave organization, order, and routine. Therefore, having an organized and clean environment can offer us some peace of mind during stressful times.


  1. GET IN THE KITCHEN. Heard of stress baking? We've been there. Find a recipe that sparks your interest on IG or Pinterest and recreate it. This keeps your mind occupied and working towards a goal, a fun task. Cook/bake something that makes you feel accomplished, AND you get to eat a delicious creation after it's complete. Win, win. 


  1. NOSH on a ZEN Bar. Functional superfoods & adaptogens can help the body adapt to stress. Our Cherry Chocolate Chip ZEN Bar is purposefully boosted with reishi mushroom, Montmorency tary cherries, and pumpkin seed protein to help the mind and muscles relax during stressful times. 


I can't forget to mention a few additional tips & tricks such as: meditating, drinking a cup of soothing tea, and making sure you're getting enough sleep.


What's your go-to strategy to calm your mind and find your ZEN?


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