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Our Commitment to Mother Earth: Sustainability Pledge

climate change sustainability pledge

Our mission is simple: end mindless snacking & give new meaning to snack time. Because when we snack better, when we snack with a purpose, we feel our best. 

Our overarching goal: to leave the world a little better than how we found bite at a time.

As a small, mission-driven company, I'm constantly in pursuit of how we can be better, do better. How we can dream bigger, snack bolder. After all, B.T.R. stands for "be BOLD, TENACIOUS & RESILIENT."

As a result, we take our environmental footprint very seriously. Here are a few ways we're committing to further our relationship with Mother Earth:

1. All B.T.R. Bars are sourced from the highest quality PLANT-BASED ingredients from suppliers that are Carbon Zero & B Corp Certified where possible. Why is this important? Plant protein is all the rage for many reasons. Not only is plant-based protein packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to boost nutrition, but plant-based protein is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option for the planet. By seeking out Carbon Zero partners, we help reduce our own carbon footprint.


2. All B.T.R. Bar boxes & mailers are 100% recyclable. Recycle, recycle, recycle! We're also in the process of exploring tree free paper options to take things to the next level.


3. We are proud to share that 99% of our shipping is 100% carbon neutral, and as we grow, we want to maintain this core value. What exactly is carbon neutrality? Companies that strive for carbon neutrality work internally and externally to offset their carbon emissions. For example, we partner with a shipper that calculates the potential CO2 emissions generated by all parcels shipped and offsets the emissions by supporting projects and initiatives that fight climate change.


4. It is our goal to migrate all B.T.R. Bars into compostable wrappers within the next 2 years. What does this mean? Compostable means that a product is capable of disintegrating into natural elements. By moving to compostable wrappers, this would further reduce our waste and lower our carbon footprint even more. 


Our impact is important. It's clear that we care about what we put in our bodies. That's why all B.T.R. Bars are free from gums, emulsifiers, sugar alcohols, and "natural" flavors. But it's also vital for us to protect our planet. We want to do our part to reduce our footprint one B.T.R. Bar at a time.

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