7 Out of the Box Ways to Reduce Stress

7 Out of the Box Ways to Reduce Stress

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After the year we just had, I feel like all the traditional ways to reduce stress simply didn't cut it. For as long as I can remember, my go-to stress relief strategy was to work out, move my body, but even that lost its impact in 2020. I started to reflect on quick & easy outside the box ways to reduce stress if you're in a pinch. Journaling, yoga, meditation, going for a walk - these are all incredible ways to reduce stress and find more balance in your life. But if you're like me and looking for some new tangible strategies to reduce chronic stress in your daily life, try one or all of these:

  1. Add some greenery to your scenery. In short, consider buying a plant. If you're like me and lack a green thumb, I opt for minimal-care ferns. You can find a variety of options online at sites like The Sill or at your local Whole Foods.
  2. Organize something. Your desk, work space, a kitchen cabinet. Tackle one area, and tidy up. Try not to go on a BIG cleaning spree. Just organize one area (preferably the one you're in) and you'll notice your mind start to declutter too!
  3. Audit your to-do list. Instead of adding MORE items to your to-do list, take a look at what's already on your list. Pencil in your "why" and your "how it makes you feel." Why is that project on your to-do list? Is this a task you love or not so much? We can't all do things we love ALL the time, but taking notice of the things that we do just for the sake of doing them can lead to more stress and workplace anxiety down the line. Being aware is key. This can also help you look forward to the tasks that you love to do!
  4. Smell something good. Maybe you have a favorite candle or essential oils. Maybe a favorite perfume. Keeping your environment smelling good can lift up your spirits and boost your mood.
  5. Put down your phone. Period. Scrolling. Refreshing email every 3 seconds. This can all lead to more stress and anxiety if you're feeling stuck in a rut.
  6. Sit up straight. In a study published in Health Psychology, participants were asked to undergo a mock job interview half of the participants sitting upright, and half of the participants slouched. The participants who sat upright felt more confident in themselves and had an overall positive mood, while participants who slouched felt the opposite. Think about it. Don't you feel better when you're all aligned?
  7. Eat a ZEN Bar. Our Cherry Chocolate Chip ZEN Bar is boosted with adaptogens like calming reishi mushroom and superfoods like tart cherry powder to relax your muscles. Plus, your tastebuds will thank you!

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