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Dark Chocolate Brownie RECHARGE bar keto protein bar
Dark Chocolate Brownie RECHARGE (12 Count)
Low sugar, low carb, low calorie protein bar
Dark Chocolate Brownie RECHARGE (12 Count)
Dark Chocolate Brownie RECHARGE (12 Count)
Dark Chocolate Brownie RECHARGE (12 Count)
Dark Chocolate Brownie RECHARGE (12 Count)
Dark Chocolate Brownie RECHARGE (12 Count)

Dark Chocolate Brownie RECHARGE (12 Count)

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Meet Dark Chocolate Brownie:

  • TASTES LIKE: a dark chocolate bar and a brownie had a baby. Guilt-free decadence at its finest. Light, airy & fudgy!
  • WHAT'S INSIDE: superfoods & adaptogens to RECHARGE
  • VEGAN SNACK: 7g of Plant Protein
  • KETO & PALEO-FRIENDLY: 0g added sugar | 4g net carbs
  • CLEANEST LABEL: Non-GMO, gluten & soy free, no junk!

    How to Enjoy:

    • Brain on overdrive? Need a reset? Time to RECHARGE.
    • Powered by 100% cacao chocolate chips, MCT oil, spinach & kale
    • Perfect for that never-ending meeting, mid-afternoon slump, or pre-workout brain boost!


    almond butter, cashew butter, chicory root fiber, protein blend (pea protein, almond protein powder), almond flour, organic cocoa, 100% cacao chocolate chips, cocoa butter, water, cashews, MCT oil (from coconut), organic vanilla extract, sea salt, organic maca powder, spinach, kale, monk fruit extract

    * B.T.R. Bars are manufactured in a facility that also processes: peanuts, eggs, soy, milk, wheat, and other tree nuts.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 36 reviews
    Tiffany Cagwin (Syracuse, US)
    An amazing treat

    It’s so wonderful to find a snack that it both delicious and meets my strict dietary needs. Thank you for making a snack I can feel great about!

    Jenna Walls (Auckland, NZ)

    Loved the BTR Bars. So yummy! Recharge is totally my fav.

    Sheri Morrison (Saco, US)
    Love them

    These bars are great tasting and nutrition-wise, fit my diet restrictions. So glad I found them. My fav is the dark chocolate brownie Recharge bar! Yummy!

    Mary Harris (Bloomington, US)
    Best Bar Rver

    The Dark Chocolate Brownie bar is pure awesomeness! I fast every day for at least 16 hours and I prefer 20 hours. Some days I’m really hungry by the last few hours of fasting. If I have completed at least 16 hours of fasting and in order not to just gobble down empty calories while fixing dinner, I will eat a Dark Chocolate Brownie BTR barn and drink a tall glass of water. Satisfies my hunger immediately. I actually feel full! I eat a normal dinner though, because I know an approximate 200 calorie BTR barn isn’t going to hold me for the 16 to 20 hours! Thanks for making such a great product and offering many discount opportunities!

    Joe (Atlanta, US)
    Light and tasty

    My absolute favorite!